+ How long does the process take?

It is best to give us a call 2- 3 days in advance to request for a care staff. An early confirmation of our services would certainly facilitate us in securing a care staff for your loved one. However, we do understand that medical needs may arise unexpectedly and we will be here to assist you.

+ Where are your Care Specialists from and are they qualified?

Our Care Specialists consists of trained healthcare assistants and nurses who are registered with the Singapore Nursing Board and possess at least 2 years of experience providing direct care equipped with CPR AED or BCLS training, while our caregivers have gone through caregiving training courses with the skills to provide basic care.

+ How are the Care Specialists assigned?

Our Care Manager will do a triage over the phone. The online enquiry form also further helps us understand your loved one's needs so we can assign the best care staff available with the most suitable skillset to you.

+ Can I request for a specific Care Specialist?

This is music to our ears. As long as the Care Specialist is available, we are more than happy to oblige to your request as this shows rapport and trust has been built between your family and the Care Specialist.

+ Will the Care Specialist cancel or not show up for the assignment?

We do our best to ensure our Care Specialist are constantly reminded of their scheduled job assignments. However, we do not rule out the possibility of no-shows due to unexpected exigencies. In such situations, please give us a call and we will work best with you to re-assign another nurse to you if timing is flexible for your end. We seek your kind understanding for such unforeseen circumstances. In addition, we hold on to your payments and will only charge you for completed jobs.

+ What if I would like to dismiss the Care Specialist earlier than requested? Will the fees be adjusted accordingly?

In order to be fair to the Care Specialist and their schedule, we are unable to reduce the number of working hours from originally requested. Hence, the full invoiced fees will remain unchanged.

+ What if I need the Care Specialist to stay longer than requested?

You can check with the Care Specialist on his/ her schedule availability. Should they agree, please kindly inform us via a call so that we can assist to advise. Please also assist to reflect the accurate hours on the care staff's timesheet.

However, the Care Specialist is not obliged to extend their service if they are not available as there was no communication in ample advance.

Normal rates will apply for extended hours. However, do note that there may be additional surcharges for such urgent unscheduled extensions.

+ What if I am dissatisfied with my assigned Care Specialist?

We certainly encourage feedback and will seek your degree of satisfaction with the Care Specialist which contributes to evaluation of their performance.

Should you strongly feel that the Care Specialist has not carried out duties to your expectation, do share with us your concerns. We will investigate into the matter and re-assign another Care Specialist accordingly, subjected to availability.

+ What is the cancellation policy?

You would have to provide prior notice of 48 hours to avoid being charged the full fees for the 24 hour period from commencement of service. However, in unforeseen circumstances such as end of life or medical emergencies such as sudden hospitalisation, we appreciate if you could send us relevant documentations to review and we will asisst to seek approval for a waiver.

More details can be found in here (under Clause 6).