Every client is different and so requires varying degreeS of care.
At 365 Healthcare, we work to obtain as much information as possible from you to make the most accurate assessment, so we can recommend the best care for your needs.


Care Supplies & Savings

As part of our ongoing mission to enhance our care solutions, we are ready to assist clients with assessment, advice and purchasing of care supplies such as nursing procedure consumables and mobility equipment at special prices.
Speak with us to find out more.


Products includes wound dressings, nasogastric tubes, wheelchairs, hospital electric beds.


Accurate assessment by our nursing expert on products required for the best care possible.


Special concession pricing to help you save on costs. Rental arrangements are also available.


Care Specialist


Advantages & Benefits


Staying in allows for longer and closer care due to proximity

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Increased affordability with lower costs in the long run


Higher standards of care with formal qualifications in nursing


These are some ways in which the Live-In Care Specialist is unique:

  • Is employed by you

  • Takes care of a care recipient (e.g. elderly, post-surgical patient or anyone who requires more care due to an illness) in his or her own home

  • Is a personal help, health aide, and companion

  • Focuses mainly on Activities of Daily Living (hygiene, feeding, mobilisation, exercise), including caring for emotional and social well-being.

  • Supports the care recipient with their specific household tasks, but are unable to perform major chores for other members of the family


The agency fee includes administrative processes and in-house training by our Team:

  • Work Permit application and issuance

  • Settling-in Programme

  • Medical checkup

  • Food, accommodation and transportation before arrival at your home

  • Home assessment visit by our Care Lead

  • Basic First Aid and CPR AED training (accredited by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council)

  • Live-in Care Specialist uniform

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Healthcare Assistant
Registered Nurses


Advantages & Benefits


Nursing procedures in the comfort of your own home

Medical care.png

Post-hospitalisation immediate care, cutting hospital visits


Locally certified HCA and qualified nurses under Singapore Nursing Board

stethoscope medication report

Our Healthcare Assistants and Registered Nurses are able to perform the following care:

  • Companionship (Provide physical presence to accompany clients)

  • Escort/ transport (Assist with lifting, transferring and positioning of clients to travel to destination such as medical appointments)

  • Grooming & hygiene (Assist with bathing, toileting, changing of garments & diapers, brushing of teeth, simple hair trimming)

  • Medication reminders (Remind on medication, monitor medication compliance, administer medication under instructions of clients / caregivers)

  • Simple errands (Prepare meals for clients, light housekeeping, laundry)

  • Simple nursing (Simple wound dressing, simple oral or tube feeding)

  • Light exercise (Simple maintenance exercises as prescribed or trained by registered therapists)

  • Night caregiving (Monitoring and providing care support through the night)

  • Check-in visits (Visiting clients at stipulated hours to check on their well-being)

Additionally, our Registered Nurses are trained to carry out procedures such as:

  • Medication administration (IV cannulation, injection, nebuliser)

  • Respiratory care (Tracheostomy dressing change, suctioning)

  • Tube/ catheter care (Nasogastric tube insertion, urinary catheterisation, change of urosheath)

  • Nutrition (Nasogastric tube feeding, PEG feeding)

  • Wound care (Wound management and dressing change, removal of stitches or staples)

  • Stoma care (Change of stoma wafer or bag, draining of stoma bag)




“I am most pleased with the service, attentiveness, care and concern of 365 Nursing. It also warms our hearts when the team paid respects at my brother’s wake. My family is grateful!”

— MS F. F. HAN

“Hwee Hoon has been a pillar of support to my mother and my family. I think this says it all. We are most appreciative of her presence and assistance and she has managed my mother very well.”




“My father was taken into hospital for an emergency operation and due to his condition required 24/7 care. After calling various agencies outside of office hours, Samuel was the only one who answered and went out of his way to provide an overnight nurse at very short notice. We used their services and not a single day did they disappoint. Thank you very much! Highly recommended!”




“Hwee Hoon has been very attentive and helpful, addressing my mother’s every need. She formed a close bond with her almost from the first day, and understood what was required without much prompting.”


“When I booked for the first time with 365, advance payment was bit worrying.
But to my surprise, the service was splendid and they made me felt great comfort.
Kudos to the nurses who replied to my queries so patiently and kept their high quality service.”



“priya fed my father very well. he usually coughs when my mother or helper feeds him. very satisfied overall”